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Demolition Contractor in New Jersey

C.Royce Demolition is New Jersey’s premier demolition contractor specializing in many types of demolition services such as:

We have been serving northern New Jersey for over 20 years with many successful projects in Newark, Paterson, Elizabeth, Morristown, etc.

Our projects range from mid-sized to massive commercial projects. We demolish residential, industrial, and commercial buildings. With every project we take on, safety is our number one concern, and we believe in providing professional and efficient services in a timely manner.

We are there where and when you need us most, providing emergency service to first responders and property owners following a fire, collapse, or other damage to structural integrity. Our expertise and decades of experience allow us to demolish and dismantle structures in a manner that is safe and reduces further cleanup expenses.

We provide commercial and residential demolition services to a broad range of clients across the state. From selective demolitions such as a chimney or pool removal to complete tear-downs, there’s no project, big or small, that our team of demolition experts can’t handle. Our crews are equipped with the highest quality training available and outfitted with all the tools and heavy machinery to tackle any project.

Our mission to provide the highest quality demolition services in the state includes a commitment to the health and safety of our environment. We use every available option to dispose of or recycle materials recovered from our projects properly. Our teams are thoroughly trained in environmental safety procedures, ensuring that every step of the process from the initial setup to the final cleanup is conducted with no negative environmental impact. We are trained in the handling and disposal of hazardous materials, electrical and insulation hazards, and recyclable materials and comply with all state and federal safety regulations. When you partner with us for your demolition needs, the health and safety of your demolition are guaranteed.

We have a time-honored reputation for providing our clients with the best demolition service offered across the state of New Jersey. As a full-service demolition contractor, there’s no job we can’t handle. When you choose to partner with C. Royce Demolition, you can rest assured that your project will be completed with professionalism, integrity, and excellence. Our trained demolition crews work closely with our client’s and involve them in every step of the process to ensure that their needs and concerns are understood and adhered to. We believe that communication and transparency are the cornerstone of every professional relationship and take a “no-nonsense” approach to every project. We discuss timelines, expenses, and results before conducting any work so that you get the quality service you deserve at an affordable price, with as little disruption and inconvenience as possible. We’ve been earning the business of our valued New Jersey clients for many years and would love the opportunity to earn yours as well. Give us a call today or fill out the online form below for a free demolition quote and consultation.

C.Royce Demolition Contractor Morristown, NJ


Serving Morris, Essex, Bergen & Passaic Counties NJ

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Parking Structure Demolition in Bayonne, NJ

Demolition in Bayonne, NJ November 2017 C.Royce Demolition recently contracted to demolish a parking structure in Bayonne.  This project is one we specialize in, commercial demolition. The structure was built in 2008 as the foundation of an...

Precautions to take during the demolition process

It is important to take precautions in every process that we undertake in our lives, whether small or huge. Just like it is said that prevention is better than cure, it is better to take precautions in order to avoid damages or risks that may be present during the...

Interior Demolition

Interior demolition services involve removal of dangerous materials and contaminants, line and duct cleaning plus generally the demolition process itself. In interior demolition, the walls, ceilings and floors are demolished and pulled down. This process should be...

C Royce Demo apartment fire demo Patterson NJ

Demolishing an apartment after a fire in Patterson, NJ

Building Demolition Contractor

Demolishing a complete building requires careful planning and execution of the project to ensure safety for the crew as well as for the overall project.  Before beginning the demolition, our team will inspect the building for hazardous materials such as asbestos.  If hazardous materials are found, proper abatement processes are followed which may require the services of a specialty contractor to assist with removal of those materials.

House Demolition

Utilities attached to a house or commercial building are a big consideration and a the services and experience of a commercial demolition contractor is required.  Accidentally damaging a power or sewer line during a demo project can add significant time and expense to the new project that is to be built on the excavated site.  Our team is experienced in identifying all the attached utilities and correctly and safely disconnecting them in preparation of the demolition job.

After the utilities are safely disconnected from the building the demo process will begin.  As a top New Jersey demolition contractor, C.Royce Demolition will use their fleet of commercial grade excavators to knock down a building.  If the building is tall an extension may be added to the boom to created a high reach excavator (shown in the picture).  These extensions can efficiently demolish a 6 story commercial building. Our excavators are also frequently outfitted with other attachments such as shears to cut steel where a torch or open flame is inappropriate or a hammer to break up concrete.   We are well equipped with the right equipment for any industrial or residential job.

C.Royce Demolition also uses bulldozers and loaders, depending on the size of the job, to load debris from the demolition into open trailers such as a dump trailer to haul debris off to an authorized facility.

Interior Demolition Contractor

Demolishing the interior of a building while leaving the exterior in tact requires as special skill set.   C.Royce Demolition has a number of successful interior demolition jobs under our belt.  Our focus is on commercial projects such as converting a movie theater into a health club all while leaving the exterior walls essentially untouched.   Like any demo project we start with a thorough survey of the job to understand hazardous material and the scope of the utility situation – reuse or remove.

From there we can remove wall, windows even break up and remove concrete flooring.  We are meticulous with our work and our interior demo jobs will be clean and ready for your contractor to come in and transform your space.   If you job requires an interior demolition contractor, give C.Royce Demolition a call.

Plant Dismantling Contractor

As the US economy transforms from one that is manufacturing based  to one that is service based, plant dismantling is more and more common.  Plant dismantling can be much more complicated than a standard knock-down job depending on the type of products once manufactured in that plant.   There is the possibility that hazardous chemicals will be found on-site, this requires examination, identification and then, if necessary, selection of the right contractor to safely remove them within government guidelines.

Plant Demolishing

After potential hazards are removed utilities have to be addressed.  Like a commercial building demo, disconnecting and capping utilities to a plant is a complicated process which should be handled by professionals.  C.Royce Demolition’s Plant Dismantling team is expert in securing power, gas, water & sewer lines in order to safely dismantle a plant.
Plant equipment is another consideration, is the equipment salvageable?  Is it reusable or even salable?   Our team can dismantle and demolish plant equipment or we can remove it to prepare for resale or reuse.
Plant Dismantling is a big task that requires careful planning and consideration by a team of highly skilled individuals. Industrial demolition is an area of expertise of C.Royce Demolition and is a project type we excel in.


Mobile Concrete Crushing:

Our mobile concrete crushing services will reduce concrete or asphalt to 6”, 3” or 1” sizes depending on your job’s requirement.   Removing concrete or asphalt and trucking it to landfill in large chunks is inefficient and expensive.  Larger chunks take up more room in a trailer and aren’t reusable.  Our mobile concrete crushing service can maximize the space in disposal trailer (fewer loads to landfill).

Onsite Concrete Crushing

C.Royce Demolition performs all concrete crushing onsite, no need for additional transport.  In many cases the newly crushed material is usable material that can be repurposed as base material for your paving project.

C.Royce Demolition service area

We handle jobs throughout Morris County, Passaic County & Essex County.  For many years we have served the communities of northern New Jersey such as Paterson, Newark, Jersey City, Morristown and more.

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