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Demolition in Bayonne, NJ

November 2017

C.Royce Demolition recently contracted to demolish a parking structure in Bayonne.  This project is one we specialize in, commercial demolition.

The structure was built in 2008 as the foundation of an apartment complex that was put on hold due to the financial crisis.   Fast forward to 2017 and it was decided to revisit the apartment complex.

The existing structure was a single story with walls and a roof.  The job called for us to remove the roof and the pillars leaving the walls and the bottom floor in tact.

Parking structure demolition in Bayonne, NJ

One of the challenges associated with this job was that the client wanted the walls to remain standing.   This required the existing ceiling to be cut about 6″ from the wall then the ceiling demolished with a concrete crusher

CRoyce demolition concrete crusher

C.Royce Demolition Concrete Crushing

In order to keep the lower floor in tact and not damaged from the falling debris from the ceiling, we had to protect the floor with steel plate.

The concrete and rebar had to be separated to allow for the concrete to be ready to crushed

CRoyce Demolition concrete

The rebar was removed by a scrap dealer.

A key part of this job was to demolish the existing pillars while leaving a specific amount of rebar for the next construction.  With our hammer tool we were able to completely demolish each pillar while leaving enough rebar to meet the customer’s spec.

Hammering parking structure pillars in Bayonne, NJ

As the job progressed and more of the ceiling was removed, it required our rigs to work on the concrete floor that we were tasked with saving

CRoyce Demolition structure demo

To do this we built a dirt road inside the structure to support our equipment and protect the floor

Separating the concrete from the rebar 

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